Events Schedule

March 4, 2022

Days Hour TimeZone
Monday 12:00-16:00 Time
Tuesday 16:00-20:00 Time
Wednesday 20:00-0:00 Time
Friday 0:00-4:00 Time
Saturday 4:00-8:00 Time
Sunday 8:00-12:00 Time


Event Days Hour TimeZone
Adult Party Monday 8:00 Time
Adult Solo Monday 19:00 Time
Adult Solo
Tuesday 8:00 Time
Adult Party Tuesday 19:00 Time
Adult Party Wednesday 8:00 Time
Adult Solo Wednesday 19:00 Time
Adult Solo Thursday 8:00 Time
Adult Party Thursday 19:00 Time
Adult Party Friday 8:00 Time
Kid Solo Friday 11:00 Time
Adult Solo Friday 19:00 Time
Kid Solo Friday 22:00 Time
Adult Solo Saturday 8:00 Time
Kid Party Saturday 11:00 Time
Adult Party Saturday 17:00 Time
Adult Solo Sunday 8:00 Time
Adult Solo Sunday 19:00 Time
Kid Party
Sunday 22:00 Time


Days Hour TimeZone
Saturday 22:00 Time


Days Hour TimeZone
Monday 21:00 Time
Wednesday 10:00 Time
Saturday 10:00 Time
Sunday 14:00 Time


Days Hour TimeZone
Saturday All Day Time
Sunday All Day Time

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