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Patch Notes 2.42 - February 17, 2023

TIME:2023-02-21 10:05:55  SCAN:

Patch Notes 2.42 - February 17, 2023(图1)

Patch Notes(2.42.0)

This week, we were working on solving some problems and continuing with the final development of the seasons, here is a small summary of what has been done during the week:

Patch Notes 2.42 - February 17, 2023(图2)

1. The logic that will assign the season titles in the budokai SOLO was created. (More details at the end of the post)
2. Fixed a reported bug regarding some status effects and the HTB.
3. Made some modifications to the reading logic for the season system.
4. Added more options to reduce ingame effects, now it is possible to suppress most effects when executing the game in its minimum configuration. We hope this helps those who, due to limitations in their machine, have problems with effects.
5. Increased love event rate.

Budokai seasons:

We have made some adjustments to the seasons and also added the feature for title delivery, although you should keep in mind the following:

1. The stats of the title can be changed if necessary, remember that this first season we are doing a proof of concept.
2. In the event of a tie in the number of victories, the title will be assigned to the most recent champion, so you must strive to remain as the most campon or the most recent.
3. The review and subsequent assignment of titles will be done only after a tournament ends, so this is the first time when they enter the game
whoever is ranked #1 will not get the title immediately but will be assigned when the next tournament ends and only if they are still continuing being #1.

We hope that the course of this season passes normally and gives us the opportunity to give for more similar mechanics focused on PVP.

Patch Notes 2.42 - February 17, 2023(图3)

If there are no problems with the season system we should soon give way to a new system which is under study now. Remember that in this period of time while we're going to be focusing on systems that can be reworked or added to the game to freshen it up a bit. Next week we hope to define that although we will rest a few days so, we will be back to work on development until Wednesday.

Thank you all for your support and patience, we hope you will continue to play with us and more information next week.

DBOC Staff